Programs in Africa

Food-Clothing-Medicine Outreach

The AAC delivers shipments of food, medicine, and clothing to townships in South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. Over the next several years, the recipients will consolidate these resources to establish self-sufficient farms.

In 2006, supplies for more than 21,600 meals were provided in South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

As of 2013 more than 100,000 meals have been provided since 2000.

Poultry Program

The AAC purchases a first generation of chickens for each township, then assists villagers in running a self-sustaining poultry farm. The chickens’ meat and eggs are an invaluable source of protein, which is too often absent from the villagers’ diet.

Reach One, Teach One scholarships

Launched in 2001, this program sponsors children who cannot afford school. A scholarship covers all tuition, clothing, books, and meal expenses for one year. The yearly cost is $100 for a primary schooler and $150 for a high schooler.

In 2006, seven hundred children attended schools across southern Africa on AAC scholarships.

Authentic African Attire program

Under the AAC’s pilot export program, South African seamstresses sew traditional clothing of wondrous local design and ship it to America for purchase.

Objectives in the United States

Awareness and Advocacy

Using Chesapeake as its U.S. base, the AAC raises awareness of the plight of indigenous African peoples. By raising awareness, the AAC empowers concerned citizens to take action.

Advocacy campaigns routinely include local conferences, community events, television programs, radio shows, and multimedia presentations to concerned citizens.


Private donations constitute 100% of the AAC’s funding. The organization relies completely on the generosity of its congregations and affiliated donors to fund its projects.

Because the AAC does not pay its staff and keeps overhead and administrative costs to a minimum, the organization is able to dedicate 100% of its donations to its projects in Africa.

The centerpiece of the AAC’s fundraising is the annual Compassion for Africa benefit dinner in July.